‘I always struggled to find the way to sit my peculiar reading position in normal chair, so I thought why not make the peculiar armchair that makes unusual reading position normal.’

Reader’s Armchair 2015

Solid Oak and cotton upholstery

H 92 cm | 36 inches

L 87 cm | 34 inches

W 46 cm | 18 inches

The Reader’s Armchair (2015) is handcrafted from grained solid oak traversed by graceful linear decorative saw cuts suggesting fundamental geometry. This design began in part as a response to the designer’s own habit of a peculiar sitting position while reading and was further inspired by the architect Felix Augenfeld customized chair made for Sigmund Freud to accommodate the great doctor’s similarly eccentric habit.

This unique wooden reading chair is available in two versions: left and right, depending on the sitter’s tendency to lean on the left or right side. The left armchair has an armrest for the left hand, and a knee rest for the right leg, and it sets the whole body towards the left side (vice versa for the right version.)

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