pollock’s cabinet, commission, new york, Us, 2013

one of a kind

solid oak, etched brass

L 193 cm | 76 inches

H 61 cm | 24 inches

W 45 cm | 18 inches  

Unique furniture available by commission.

beauty. simplicity. custom functionality.

cabinet is a multifunctional storage unit, designed as an imaginative reworking of iconic mid century style, with an element of the baroque. a true work of art, this functional piece reflects our passion for well-made modernist furniture characterized by an artistic sensibility and a high level of craft. custom made to the client’s specifications it may be used for electronics or other storage needs, allowing for a seamless uncluttered interior. the curvilinear form is exquisitely accented with etched brass panels featuring original artwork. custom made for the discerning collector; this is a perfect focal piece for your contemporary space, home or office. 

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pollock’s cabinet, 2013

construction and finishes:

the creation of a multifunctional storage unit, echoing of the abstraction and enigmatic nature of sculpture and resonating with the character of the living room space. wall-hung cabinet made out of carefully selected and hand crafted oak hardwood from best natural resources.

multimedia cabinet comprised of individual cubic modules with removable side panels, allowing the inner storage space to be combined as desired or needed, while maintaining an exterior sense of a singularity. etched brass fascia based on photographic series accidental accumulations by maciej markowicz.

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