Pine hole Cabinet, 2014

pine plywood, stainless steel, rgb led strip,  remote control,

L 61 cm I 24 inches

W 50.5 cm | 20 inches

H 91.5 cm | 36 inches

The raw exterior of this cabinet has a plainness that is deceptive; its interior is illuminated and clad in stainless steel. despite the sense of an inner secret and trickery, the cabinet has a true function, to store archival photographic materials.

This cabinet borrows its form/size from the large format camera, playing on the notion of cabinet becoming a ‘pin hole camera’. instead of the injection and framing of an outside image by the interior of the cube, the inside stainless steel walls are illuminated by a LED lights system that projects beams of light through the opening, inviting the viewer to look within.

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pine hole cabinet, 2014