‘...the elusive and vibrant city, that never sleeps remains frozen  underneath the glass tabletop ‘

ph Coffee table 2014

Safety glass, digital negative, powder coated aluminum

Limited Edition of 16+1 AP. Handcrafted in Brooklyn

L  61 cm  | 24 inches

W 120 cm | 48 inches

H 50.8 cm | 20 inches

modern. aerial cartography. refined

wiczny’s take on the unknowable quality of the metropolis, this object is related to the side table of the same series.

the work is produced carefully by inserting two sheets of film between two panels of glass, introducing a three dimensionality, light permeates through the digital negative, and projects a blurred, distorted image within a casted frame of the shadow. this kinetic light quality is paired with the contrasting play of texture between the painterly photo imagery under glass and aluminum base. 

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ph coffee table, 2014