Leaning piano 2015

Digital piano, aluminum and wood veneer.

H 210.8 cm | 83 inches 

L 142 cm | 56 inches

W 45 cm | 18 inches

Available by commission worldwide.

This limited edition hybrid sculpture is designed to accommodate a full 88 key digital piano of desired type (Kawai, Yamaha, Roland), as well as provide shelving for various music texts and items. Evoking the graceful beauty of a shell over a nautilus, this collector’s piece is a fully functional digital musical instrument.

The smoothly hand-sanded finish aluminum body (pictured here) can be offset by a veneer exterior to add a contrast visually and in tactility (available in variety of wood and finishes).  An exquisitely conceived hybrid of modernist functionalism and linearism, negative space, and a baroque dynamism come together to culminate in an impressive gravity defying centrifugal force.

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leaning piano, 2015